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Pre-Policy Issuance Health Check-Ups

Comprehensive health insurance coverage, is the need of the hour for almost all individuals. This is primarily due to the rising cost of medical care and the increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases. In such a scenario, being aware of various health insurance features, particularly Pre-Policy Medical Check-up is crucial. Pre-policy medical tests, are becoming increasingly popular and have become a compulsory procedure for several health insurance companies.

These tests are essential in many ways, for example:

  1. They act as a standard against which the insurance policy, company can measure the policyholder’s current health. 

  2. They reveal any pre-existing medical condition or illness the applicant might be unaware of.

  3. The reports of these tests serve as important documents during claim settlement. 

Generally, knowingly or unknowingly, people might try and evade these medical checkups. But if the benefits of pre-policy tests are known, people wouldn’t hate this idea so much.

HaleCaim have created a wide network of doctors, phlebotomists, technicians, diagnostics centres, labs clinics and hospitals pan India by working with corporate companies. Most corporate clients HaleCaim caters have pan India presence it created a uniq atmosphere for HaleCaim to spread its wings acros the country and develop an effient network of healthcare service providers. Its led HaleCaim to Insurance Sector, as pre policy health check-up is an essancial part of the health insurance process and most clients prefer a home base health check-up and get it done as soon as the take the policy, HaleCaim have developed an effieciant and effective method for the health check-up process.   


Pan India Network of Verified Diagnostic Centers

For any company that carries out a service for a large number of people, it is imperative to have a strong network. The denser the network, the better the penetration and the lower the turnaround time (TAT).

Considering the fact that Welnext has accumulated a network of over 3000 centres across the country, the pre- policy issuance health checks and the annual health checks can be completed very fast and without any issues.

Tech Powered Operations

The smart and strategic use of tech in medical testing can bring unimaginable optimisation to the process. Welnext has leveraged the power of tech to its benefit. As a result, the operational framework is full of technical interventions.

From the scheduling of tests to the transmission of reports, manual approvals are minimal and the possibility of errors is negligible. The customer experience is smooth and very effortless.

Pre-Underwriting Medical Case Preparation

Before the policy is finalised and the medical tests are done, Welnext arranges for the review of the medical reports from experienced physicians. This is carried out to ensure correct evaluation and correct terms for the policy.

Also, by covering the entire process from end to end, Welnext is able to cut down on delays and run the entire medical testing process seamlessly.

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